A Trip Down Memory Lane

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals with adult foster care needs, providing vital support to families looking for opportunities for family members to live safely and with dignity. Families often share with us how much Rosewood has meant to them. Here are a few of their stories.



The Lois Miller Family

We looked at several facilities before choosing Rosewood AFC of DeWitt for our mother, Lois Miller. We preferred Rosewood’s smaller, home-like setting and its family atmosphere over the larger places we toured.

The Rosewood staff members are well-educated in the care of residents with dementia. They seem to truly love both their work and the residents themselves. We were happy at how open Rosewood is to new ideas and how the staff immediately addressed any concerns.

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Rosewood creates an individual care plan for all residents, striving to keep daily activities close to each person’s established routines. Our mother particularly enjoyed spending time on Rosewood’s beautiful back veranda and listening to the musicians who regularly came to play.

The meals are all homemade, and we liked to join our mother for lunch or dinner whenever we could. We also appreciated the celebrations, such as the annual Mother’s Day Tea, Halloween, Easter, Christmas and St. Patrick's Day. They were always well-planned and fun for residents and families alike.

Our mother was a resident for two years, but unfortunately, her health eventually declined. During her final days, the Rosewood staff worked with hospice care to provide the love and support she needed. We highly recommend Rosewood AFC of DeWitt to care for your loved one.


Jim LeBaron

We were introduced to Rosewood several years ago when my wife’s mother needed adult foster care. We were really impressed by the property and the professional staff, so when it came time to find a place for my father, I never thought of anyplace else.

As Dad’s time wound down, owners Ralph and Gloria worked closely with his caregivers to make sure he had everything he needed to ease his transition. I cannot say enough how much his caregivers helped make everything as peaceful as possible for him. Rosewood made a tough situation very manageable.

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I will be eternally grateful for the compassion and care they showed for my father in his final days. Rosewood will always hold a special place in my heart for the work they do.

Ellen, Carol, Gene, Marilyn

At a time that our family was in immediate need of a caring home for our mother, Rosewood AFC was there for us. Mr. Mason, you greeted us all at only an hour’s notice. You showed us around a home that was warm and inviting. You spoke to us as though we were already family as we toured. Halfway through our visit, we were relieved and convinced we had found a home for Mom.

We were all family there. We let ourselves in the front door and greeted each of the other housemates, whom we had gotten to know by name. Mom had her own room and private bath. But, one of the areas she and we enjoyed the most was what we called “the coffee counter.” We had many a fun-filled visit there. 

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Mom had round-the-clock care. Whenever we called to check on her, the staff knew exactly how she was doing. They were knowledgeable, happy, caring and always patient. Clearly, they enjoyed their work and the ones they cared for. Any concerns we had, whether it was Mom’s mood or her health, were always met with conversation or an action. We can’t thank you all enough for the tender care you gave each of us. You always had time to listen. You each were understanding. We were new at handling a mother who was suddenly suffering dementia. You guided us all through until her passing.  

We miss you all and are teary-eyed looking at the Facebook pages of friends we met there. Thank you for being there when we needed you. As we have said before, you can’t pay people for the loving care we received. That comes from the heart.

Thank you!

J. Malick

The excellent staff at Rosewood gave my father loving comfort and support in the last months of his life. This was obviously a difficult time for him, both medically and personally, and the wonderful staff did everything they could to help him and the whole family.

The Rosewood staff worked hard to get to know my father and make him feel welcome, and made sure to include the family and communicate with us quickly and completely. I was welcomed to be involved in his care, and when I was away, I never worried because I knew my father was in the most caring, capable hands possible.

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There are no words to express the depth of my thanks to Rosewood. I would trust them again with any member of my family.


My mother Marty’s last 15 months were good ones thanks to the wonderful care she received at Rosewood AFC of DeWitt. Their homey atmosphere, skilled and friendly staff, delicious meals and attention to resident care were all outstanding.

Mom looked so much better with her new hairdo and nails, which promoted a positive self-image. The personal interest she received from Ralph, Gloria, their son, Ryan, and all their wonderful employees – to say nothing of a certain dog! – made her feel truly appreciated. 

Suzanne Moore

Rosewood offers a superior level of compassionate care, with an outstanding staff and home-like feeling that puts the whole family at ease. Rosewood provided the tender loving care that my mother-in-law required, and gave me the peace of mind of knowing that I had placed her in the best surroundings.

If you are looking for a loving, compassionate home with dedicated staff for your loved one, I would highly recommend Rosewood AFC of DeWitt. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.