A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

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The Rosewood Experience

Rise & Shine

At Rosewood, our day starts with a hearty, healthy breakfast. We start serving our early risers as soon as they wake up, with options available all morning long as our sleepyheads rise to join us.

Easy Mornings

Mornings typically start with a little daily grooming. The ladies gather for some pampering in the activity room, where we comb and curl their hair and put on a little makeup to brighten their smiles. The men are assisted with shaving activities to keep nice and neat. After that comes coffee and conversation time, or a short devotional reading for those who choose.

Daily Activities

We provide a variety of activities to enhance the physical, social, intellectual and spiritual needs of our residents. Bingo, word games, trivia, reminiscing, singalongs, cooking, arts and crafts, outings, bowling and parties are scheduled and posted in the activity room. We also allow residents to participate in light housekeeping activities, such as folding laundry, sweeping floors, dusting, food preparation and setting the table for dinner if they get enjoyment out of doing those kinds of things.

The Main Meal

The main meal of the day is served in the early afternoon in our formal dining room. We give special assistance to those who need it in our adjacent, smaller dining area. The evening meal is typically a lighter fare. Friends and family are welcome to join us for meals or anytime between the visiting hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Good Nights

After supper, residents gather in the living room for a classic movie or TV show. Some choose to receive their evening pampering and then relax in their bedroom before going to bed.

The Pampering Palace

Kay was an accomplished writer who published several books of original poetry throughout her life. She had a knack for capturing the colorful nuances of the people she knew and painting masterful word pictures about them. She was a fiercely independent woman with a big heart and a passion for life, but shortly after Kay’s 84th birthday, her daughter broke it to her that she could no longer live alone.

Like many seniors, Kay had reached a point where, for her own safety, she needed to live in an environment where she could be monitored full time. When this feisty gal heard that news, she wasn’t having it. She announced to her daughter, “There is no way you are going to put me in one of those places.”

To Kay, “one of those places” conjured up negative visions of bad odors, lousy food and protracted periods of boredom. All her life, she secretly dreaded wasting away her final days isolated and forgotten, and here she was facing her greatest fear. She arrived at Rosewood Adult Foster Care of DeWitt in 2006 angry, frustrated and hurt.

On move-in day, her family had strategically placed familiar things from home in her new, nicely appointed room to make her feel welcome and more at ease. That first day, Kay was still visibly, vocally angry at her family, but as she became acclimated to her new surroundings she settled down. She agreed to give it a try “just for a day or two.”

Over the course of those first few days, however, something magical happened. A transformation overcame Kay. Was it her favorite meals being served on fine china with familiar music softly playing? Was it the compassionate touch of her new friends when she needed a little help? Maybe it was the daily ritual of having her hair done and makeup applied by a cheerful, smiling face? Whatever it was, her zest for life was rekindled.

Ever the wordsmith, Kay was soon inspired to “rename” Rosewood, based on her positive experience. One morning about two weeks after arriving, she announced, “This place needs to be called The Pampering Palace.” And with her big smile and infectious energy, it was hard to argue with her.

For the two years Kay spent with us, she knew that she was safe and loved. She took part in every activity she could and worked her way into the hearts of everyone she met here. The staff and other residents at Rosewood fell under her charm, and we all soon had our favorite Kay stories to share.

Kay passed gently and peaceably, surrounded by her real family and her Rosewood family. Years later, we still talk about her, and although we’ll never officially change our name, we’ll always remember how, for one special resident, we were The Pampering Palace.