When can I visit?

Our official visiting hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. We understand schedules can be tricky, though, so we can usually accommodate out-of-hours visits if you let us know in advance.

Can I take my loved one out?

Absolutely. We only ask that we know in advance so we can plan meals and medications accordingly.

What are your staffing levels?

We will typically have two caregivers on duty plus management during the day. After most of our residents have received their evening pampering and are ready for bed, we change to one person for the midnight shift. As a backup, a second person in the lower-level apartment is available to assist the midnight staff in the event of an emergency.

What training do you give your staff?

The staff at Rosewood goes through extensive universal caregiver training in all aspects of responsibility. Founder/owner Gloria Mason is a trainer in the Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer’s care, and is a Certified Dementia Care Practitioner and a certified trainer.

What does “universal caregiver” mean?

At Rosewood, we have taken the approach of training our staff to do all aspects of caring for our residents. Everyone is trained to work together to provide the very best in personal care, bathing, toileting, housekeeping, laundry, food preparation, table service and life-enriching activities. We also certify them in the proper administration of medications so we can provide that service at any time of day.

How is the Rosewood caregiving approach different?

The Rosewood caregiver culture embraces the importance of developing a close relationship with each resident. We have been blessed with many wonderful employees and have low staff turnover. Because we use the universal caregiver approach, your loved one gets to really know each and every one of our loving caregivers because they are providing every aspect of their care all day long.

How are medications handled?

All medications are secured in the manager’s office and presented to each resident according to the physician’s orders. A locally contracted pharmacy fills all prescriptions, bills insurance companies and copays and delivers the medications to Rosewood.

Do you do laundry?

We do all laundry every day.

Is there a hairdresser who comes in?

Every six weeks a hairdresser comes to Rosewood to do haircuts and, with advance notice, perform coloring or perms for residents who want the service.

Is your midnight staff awake throughout the night?

Our midnight staff actively tends to the needs of our residents throughout the night. Housekeeping in the common areas and food preparation is also done at night.

Do you use bleach or other harsh chemicals?

We believe in using natural products that are safer for our residents, staff and the environment whenever possible. Harsh and caustic chemicals like bleach and ammonia are not in daily use at Rosewood.

How often is television on during the day?

We do not believe that television should be on all day as background noise. We will have the living room television on for selected favorite programs and movies. Each private room at Rosewood is set up for basic cable television, and residents can watch their personal favorite programs in their rooms.

Do you take residents to doctor's appointments?

We ask that an appropriate family member escort residents to outside doctor’s appointments. However, we do have another option available. We have a doctor who specializes in senior care who makes house calls at Rosewood. Between his monthly visits, he is available to write orders, review test results and give directions to our staff when it is appropriate to do so.

Do you have a nurse on staff?

Rosewood co-owner Gloria Mason is a licensed practical nurse with more than 30 years of experience caring for elders. When she is not at Rosewood, she is reachable via cell phone to give guidance to our caregiving staff.

What about hospice?

We coordinate with local hospice providers. Most of our residents have been able to stay at Rosewood through their final days with the assistance of hospice staff and support services.